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Ham 'n' Emmental

Smoked Ham Krakauer


Yuleys 20 inches

A 20 inch long Pork Bratwurst containing 12oz of Pork

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Veggie Heaven


Ham 'n' Mushroom

Herman ze German


Mexican Beef Hamster Blaster

All our pizzas are 12"

Yuleys Bratwurst - Feeding Events & Festivals

Yuleys Bratwurst cater for your event. We come to your event and feed your guests.

We have a select menu of quality hot food which we prepare to order. We bring all the necessary equipment to cook and serve either indoors or out.

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Our Specials

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Yuley is proud of his 20 inches of hot meat. A fabulous 20 inch bratwurst served in a roll. A very popular option, but there are other exotic options available.

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